Terms and Conditions

General Work Terms and Client Responsibilities

The content which includes text and multimedia files that are to be present in the application is the client’s scope. All the required details need to be submitted to Zaire Technologies technical team before commencing the project. The contract will be made about the project in detail. Any other additional work that is not mentioned in the contract will not be carried out unless it is agreed by both parties.
Personal information we collect:

While rebuilding an existing application of the client, all existing data need to be taken back-up by the client. The loss of data while re-developing the application is not the responsibility of Zaire Technologies.

Zaire Technologies always sticks to deadlines and will deliver the product as per the commitment given at the start of the project. Certain uncertainties can happen anywhere in the middle of the project and this can affect the delivery time. Clients are requested to understand the situation and need to accept the unexpected delay in the project.

Client takes the sole responsibility of having the copyright of all data like text, logos, and other multimedia files that are provided to have in the application. Clients should grant permission to Zaire Technologies to utilize the data in the project. Any copyright issue raised by a third-party should be handled by the client. Zaire Technologie should be excluded from the issue.

Clients will get an opportunity to check the preview of the work done by Zaire Technologies The client can check the content, the appearance, and the other details of the website. If any corrections are needed then it should be mentioned within 7 days to the Zaire Technologies development team. If the Zaire Technologies team doesn’t receive any corrections or modifications from the client for 7 days then the project will be deployed assuming that the client has given his consent.

Once the project gets completed and gets deployed, Zaire Technologies cannot take responsibility to do any corrections to the website. Even if it is required then it will be considered as a separate project and will be charged accordingly.
Web Servers:

A cancellation fee may be charged if the Customer cancels the Service prior to completion. The fee will be equal to the amount of work completed at the point of cancellation.

A non-payment of cancellation fee and/or overdue amount will result in legal action upon necessity.
Support and 3rd-Party

After the successful completion and launching of the site, Zaire Technologies extends its free support for the next 3 months. After 3 months, charges are applicable for the support required. We have different packages for extended support and clients can choose the one that suits their business. Clients who go for higher packages can avail better discounts from Zaire Technologies. As per the package, the scope of support varies. Major corrections cannot be carried out by clients who have chosen a basic package.

If the site requires any third-party integration then the charges that are required to get their license or copyright should be bear by the client. On behalf of the client, Zaire Technologies can process the procurement. If required Zaire Technologies can pay the expenses and this should be reimbursed by the client. This payment should be excluded from the cost of the project.

The third-party product or service can upgrade their work anytime and it is necessary to get updated to make the site work normally. If the update is free of cost then Zaire Technologies can support if not then the client needs to pay the update fee. Also, Zaire Technologies cannot assure the accuracy of the third-party service or product
Re-work, Enhancements/Add-ons, and Billing

If any additional features are required to be included then it is understood that it will require an additional cost and will also take additional time than the time that is committed to delivering the product.

Zaire Technologies will work on minor changes mentioned by the client. But still, there are limitations on the count of changes and if the count exceeds then Zaire Technologies will list out all the changes that are carried out and will charge $15 to $20 per hour.

When the client has a change in his mind and wants to do rework on any particular feature then it will be considered as an add-on and will be charged separately. We will intimate our clients regarding the add-on and the charges. Once getting approval from the client the work will be started. Also, clients should not expect any additional discount at the time of clearing the bills. All discounts and favors will be done at the initial stage and the cost of the project will be fixed after all discount deduction. So the client should not deduct any amount while settling the bill
Limitations of Liability

Zaire Technologies focuses on delivering an impeccable solution to the client. The website will function without any bugs. The team will take care of developing a perfect website with all essential features required from the client. As already mentioned delay can occur due to uncertainty and the loss or damage faced due to the delay cannot be taken under our responsibility. A guarantee cannot be provided for the third-party applications that are integrated with the website.
Approvals and Delivery

The whole project is split into several units and each unit will be completed and will be preceded only after getting approval from the client. After the completion of payment, the complete source code will be delivered to the client and the website will be uploaded to the destination server.

Zaire Technologies strictly follows the timeline and each phase will be completed as per the commitment given initially. The timeline can be extended as per the circumstances and Zaire Technologies will not hold any liability for the extended period. From the client-end, payment has to be processed and payment needs to be cleared before commencing each phase.

Any dispute that arises due to breach of terms and conditions and also the privacy policy is subjected to Indian Law. Both the parties agree to settle the issue through Indian jurisdiction.

If any aspect in the contract found to be illegal or invalid or unenforceable then that particular aspect can be replaced with a valid, legal and enforceable one. The rest of the contract will remain valid.

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